At evra, we harness nature’s wisdom to unlock exciting possibilities for the human and animal health and wellness sectors.

We carefully research and develop unique, natural ingredients that can be integrated into everyday products, such as dietary supplements, fortified foods, beauty and wellness products, pet food and animal feed.

Human nutrition

With competition for customer attention fierce, our human nutrition ingredients can position your portfolio to stand out. These carefully curated ingredients and extracts meet consumer preferences and needs for health benefits including nutrient absorption, immunity, cognitive function, gut and cardiovascular health, and more.


At the cornerstone of the booming wellness industry, in which more customers than ever proactively care for their health, our natural extracts to redefine beauty and wellness. Harness the power of nature with our ingredients for radiant health and beauty, elevating functional products with science-backed benefits.

Animal nutrition

Tailored for the discerning pet food and animal feed industries, each of our naturally-derived animal nutrition ingredients is carefully crafted to provide targeted health benefits, such as enhanced gut health, immunity and vitality. Embrace the power of nature with care and confidence, to provide health and wellness for animals.

Our commitment

We are committed to unlocking the unique potential of nature, respectfully 


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