Our ingredients combine nature’s wisdom with human ingenuity to help you create sustainable, impactful products that drive progress forward. We use science to unlock exciting possibilities in human and animal health and wellness, developing cutting-edge natural ingredients that are rare and powerful.

Branded ingredients

Inspired by our mission to unlock the unique potential of nature, we develop branded ingredients that preserve the purity of potent vegetable extracts while harnessing their power for health and wellness. The result? Clinically validated ingredients that meet real human and animal health and wellness needs.

Mediterranean botanicals

Our Mediterranean botanicals collection harnesses the best of local flora and draws on the region’s herbal heritage to deliver solutions with natural targeted benefits.  

Full collection

Drive progress forward for both health and wellness and your brand with our range of high-quality natural ingredients.  


We provide rare and potent natural ingredients to improve human and animal health and wellness. Discover how our unique solutions can be integrated into everyday products.


Discover how our unique portfolio of ingredients can boost your product innovation and meet consumer preferences for nature-derived ingredients.