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Sustainability means respect for the environment and, in accordance with that, EVRA produces zero impact (environmental footprint).

Using raw materials grown in uncontaminated italian fields close to the factory, EVRA is able to shorten the supply chain to 40 Km.

The cultivation methods adopted by companies which provide EVRA are also environmentally friendly.

In order to provide Evra, every season companies know, in advance, the amount of plants for each species that will be cultivated and the price per quintal that will be paid, above the average of the market.

A lot of energy needs of Evra factory are supplied by solar power gathered by its own photovoltaic system.

EVRA works in a Circular Economy logic, which start with the recovery of raw materials (MPS). If its possible, EVRA use extracts of plants that are non-usable from the food industry in order to used 100% of the plants (leaves, skins, pods, etc.).

Finally, drugs are sent to a composting plant and/or biomass (BLUE ECONOMY) and processed in Compost or Biogas.