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Projects with ALSIA

ALSIA is a Association for agricultural development of Basilicata, and is a partner with EVRA to create a complete productive supply chain.
ALSIA is important for combining actions in the primary sector by the various actors of the Lucan System of Agricultural Development Services, and promotes projects and actions in order to modernize this regional sector.

EVRA at the moment has various active projects whit ALSIA, including:

Coriander: a project focused on the local varieties of Carbone, which is analyzed from the cultivation to the extract and compared of long term with the local varieties.

Red eggplant: a multi-year project for valorised the plants.

Pulley Mint: a multi-year project for valorised the plants.

In general, a pilot production of these plants is preliminarily prepared by EVRA in collaboration with ALSIA, to evaluate the best conditions in terms of active principles and adaptability to the territory.

The obtained drugs, are studied by EVRA and the production process is standardized.

more info about ALSIA: