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Estratti Vegetali Ricerca Applicata

About us

EVRA is a leader in the field of vegetable extracts, which come from spontaneous or cultivated vegetables that are typical of the Mediterranean area.

EVRA production site is located in the territory of the “Pollino” National Park, one of the best natural environments in Italy.

The influence of the Mediterranean, Ionian and Adriatic seas provides these lands with a special microclimate, which guarantees excellence in cultivation.

Thanks to the direct relationship with local farmers, EVRA can have raw materials with special characteristics, which are then extracted using exclusive processes only practiced by EVRA. That’s why these extracts are unique in all the world.


EVRA was started in 2007. Its focus was soon to valorize an excellent territory such as Basilicata.

In 2010, as a partner with ALSIA, it began to design a  local supply chain for medicinal plants, beginning in 2013 as a pilot project and was later consolidated in the following years.

In subsequent years EVRA developed the chain of snail slime production, of plant buds and of beehive products production (propolis, pollen, etc …).

In 2016 the local Supply Chain for medicinal plants was certified according to the ISO 22005 standard.