We’re committed to preserving the natural resources of the land we source from, prioritising sustainable extraction and production methods that require minimal processing and maintain the integrity of the raw material.

We harvest mindfully from nature, only taking what we need, and doing so in a responsible way. The result? Ingredients that are rare and potent, which benefit people and planet.

Sustainable ingredient sourcing

We leverage unique partnerships to source rare ingredients sustainably. Our curated branded ingredients like red eggplant-derived SOLANRED® come from regions with highly arable land – like Basilicata in Southern Italy – that is farmed sustainably by local experts. All our ingredients are carefully selected and processed to preserve both functionality and the territories they come from.

Local roots for global health and wellness

Our approach is rooted in a deep connection with the locations in which we are based. We strive to create sustainable, transparent supply chains that uplift communities and preserve local ecology – best demonstrated by our exclusive sourcing partnership with Italy’s Pollino National Park farmers.

Protecting the environment

Motivated by our mission to preserve nature’s wisdom, we take a sustainable approach to extraction. By using native plants and carefully extracting their natural actives to preserve purity, we aim to sustainably support human and animal health and wellness.

The Mediterranean collection

Our Mediterranean collection exemplifies our commitment to traceability and supporting the regions in which we operate. Collaborations with local agricultural organisations like the Association for Agricultural Development of Basilicata (ALSIA) support us in creating sustainable supply chains that cultivate and harvest regional plants while minimising negative environmental and social impacts.

Our commitment

We are committed to unlocking the unique potential of nature, respectfully 


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