Innovation drives progress. Whether through new science, new ingredients or applications, our solutions explore the intersection between nature’s wisdom and modern health and wellness needs.

We carefully curate the finest natural ingredients – discovering new extracts and proving their impact through comprehensive scientific studies and clinical trials.

Research and development

Our R&D program centres around translating research into ingredient innovation. We are not just in the lab; working closely alongside farmers and agricultural experts to ensure sustainable sourcing and scaling. We also collaborate with our customers to develop personalised ingredients that meet their specific formulation and application needs.

Agricultural partners

Through strategic partnerships with esteemed agricultural organisations like ALSIA (the Association for Agricultural Development of Basilicata), we work to preserve nature’s wisdom while unlocking its health and wellness potential. We are dedicated to creating extraction techniques that are not only sustainable but also serve to elevate the natural integrity of the ingredients we produce.

University partnerships

Partnerships are the cornerstone of innovation at evra. By working with prestigious universities, we engage in cutting-edge R&D projects. Our goal is to foster an environment where scientific discovery meets practical application.

Clinical evidence 

Because we believe progress lies in nature’s wisdom, we invest in research focusing on plants and natural materials with known health and wellness benefits. Breakthrough ingredients undergo rigorous clinical testing to ensure their efficacy and safety.

Our commitment

We are committed to unlocking the unique potential of nature, respectfully.

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