Cookies policy

We want to inform you about how we process your personal data through cookies or other similar technologies.

What are cookies and what are they for?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the device through which you access a website, more specifically, through the browser used for this purpose, and that collect information regarding your browsing on that website.

Cookies have the main function of facilitating and personalizing your browsing experience, but, although they are not the only reason for their use, they will also serve other purposes, namely, to assist us in the prevention of fraud, in the optimization of our services, and in identifying your preferences so that we can present you advertisements and offers tailored to your interests.

What information is collected through cookies?

Cookies and other similar technologies collect:

  1. Traffic and location information, such as your IP address (Internet Protocol Address), your location captured through a Global Positioning System (or GPS system), the Wi-Fi access points and mobile network antennas covered by your device;
  2. Access and session information, i.e. the number generated to identify you as a user in the session on a particular website (Session ID), the date of login and the most searched words;
  3. Information about the device, detecting, for example, which operating system and browser is used, the date and duration of the visit to the site, and the identification of other sites visited;

Information relating to user behaviour, such as the number of clicks made and the most visited pages.

What types of cookies are there?

There are session cookies (temporary duration) and persistent cookies (long duration).

The former are used only for the period in which you browse a certain website, after which they are deleted, and which allow you to continue browsing that website, without having to log in again, even if you change pages; The latter are stored on your device, even after you have finished browsing the website, and are intended to enable you to return to that website without the settings initially defined by you, such as the language, being changed in that new browsing.

Cookies can also be categorized according to the various purposes associated with them, regardless of whether they are first-party cookies (cookies installed by the website you are visiting) or third-party cookies (cookies installed by websites other than the one you are browsing).

Thus, we may have, for example:

  • Necessary Cookies: These cookies are always used, regardless of your consent, as they are strictly necessary for the regular functioning of the website. Necessary cookies are intended to ensure operability, optimisation and security issues and are usually persistent cookies.
  • Preference Cookies: This type of cookies saves user preference settings, such as language, so that you do not have to configure them every time you browse the site; identify the user by means of a unique identification number (ID), associated with the time of login, allowing the user to browse the website or other web pages open in the browser without having to log in constantly; and make it possible to count the number of visits to the website, through the collection of the users’ IP, thus enabling statistical studies to be carried out on the quality of the service provided on that website. By their nature, these cookies may be temporary, although they tend to be persistent.
  • Analytical/Statistical Cookies: These are cookies that allow us to quantify the number of users of a website and analyse their behaviour in order to define strategies to improve the service provided. These are usually third-party cookies.
  • Advertising/Marketing Cookies: This type of cookies aims to collect information about the use made of the website (e.g., clicks made and advertisements most viewed), allowing the identification of the user’s preferences so that the advertising that is directed to them meets their interests. They are mostly persistent cookies.
What cookies do we use on this website?

If you want to know the details of the cookies used as well as manage your preferences (withdraw consent or provide new consent), please click here to change your consent.